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Protect Your Vehicle With Our Premium Paint & Fluid Products

Your vehicle is one of the possessions you'll use the most and be the proudest of. Why not protect it with the powerful formula of ZAKTEK premium paint and fluid products? After all, part of intelligent car buying is knowing that you're making an investment you might one day want to trade-in or sell. To get the most money from that investment, you need to keep your vehicle in good shape. Neglecting the exterior paint or the interior seating materials will result in a loss of value to your vehicle.


2020 Toyota RAV4 Model Review

The new 2020 Toyota RAV4 has plenty of surprises up its sleeve, but none have captured so much attention as the fact that the RAV4 is going off-road in 2020. A TRD off-road trim promises to be one of the most exciting trims of the season, a brand new adventure for the RAV4 to explore. It's going to be part family SUV, part off-road machine. What an exciting combination! What's new for the rest of the RAV4 lineup in 2020? Read on to find out.


Want to Customize Your Ride?

We can customize your Toyota car, SUV, or 4X4 from mild to wild! For info about customization options, contact specialist Todd Adams today, and when you visit make sure you show the coupon above to get a discount.