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Learn More About Battery Service in Phoenix

Is your car battery about to die? Find out by watching our short service video now! Compared to other areas of vehicle care, batteries are relatively low maintenance. However, it's still important to pay close attention to how your vehicle's battery looks and performs in order to prevent battery failure from creeping up!


Trade In Vehicles at Camelback Toyota

If you are hoping to trade in your car, look no further than our dealership. With friendly staff and a large inventory, we are looking forward to helping you find your next car. And we make the prospect of owning a new car more realistic. How do we accomplish that? Through our trade-in program, you'll be able to cash in your car and get money towards a new one. And there are no loopholes or strings attached. We make the process of trading in a car as quick, efficient, and easy as possible to help you drive away as soon as possible in the car that you want.


Lease Return Options

Leasing is a common way that consumers welcome motor vehicles into their lives. An integral part of our automobile leases is returning the vehicle back to our dealership at Camelback Toyota. To make sure you qualify for all of the options listed below, which are only made available at the time you return your leased Toyota vehicle back to us, remind us to inspect the vehicle before you leave.