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Toyota Certified Used Vehicles

It stands to reason that the better a product is made the longer it will last, which makes getting a high-quality, low mileage Toyota at a great price a very savvy move.

Toyota's timeless commitment to quality, innovation and durability is the foundation upon which the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) program launched in 1996. With each passing year the TCUV program has gained momentum - totaling over three million sales and counting.


2019 Toyota C-HR Model Review

For the 2019 C-HR, Toyota builds on the first generation of the C-HR introduced in 2018. However, for 2019, Toyota made adjustments to the price of the C-HR as well as added a different entry-level trim from that of 2018. These steps help bring the C-HR closer to, and perhaps even lesser than, the pricing of its competition.


What is Destination Assist?

At Camelback Toyota, there are tons of brand new vehicles with navigation systems, touch screens, and Bluetooth capabilities. What if you could be connected to a live person to assist you 24 hours a day/365 days a year? If you're interested in convenience and style, look no further. There are tons of Toyota vehicles equipped with Destination Assist, a built-in program to help you find your way from Point A to B in just seconds.